A series of Seminars inside the course on Geometry and Topology for Data Analysis at the Department of Mathematics

When: 11-26 May 2022

  • The series of seminars is part of the homonym master level course.
  • Each seminar (2 hours) will be also available in streaming on ZOOM
  • Password: gtda_2122
  • Contact person: Alessandro Oneto alessandro.oneto@unitn.it

May 11th, h.17.30 A213

Algebraic degrees of phylogenetic varieties

Marina Garrote-López (U. Alaska Fairbanks)

May 12th, h.14.30 A215

Persistent homology for shape comparison

Ulderico Fugacci (CNR-IMATI Genova)

May 19th, h.14.30 A215

Topological applications for pattern discovery in precision medicine

Nicole Bussola (OROBIX, Bergamo)

May 25th, h.14.30 A215

Numerical algebraic geometry

Paul Breiding (U. Osnabrück)

May 26th, h.15.30 A205

Topological data analysis methods for neuroscience

Martina Scolamiero (KTH Stoccolma)